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Dogs were always my passion...

In 1991 I got my first Beardie bitch "Diana" (Diana Cvirn CS) that came in our family and was our "couch potato". She was for sure not a dog for shows, but she had that special expression in her big brown eyes, like every Beardie has, that gives you so much warmth, good feeling and energy, even when you are completely down. After her I decide I won't ever change the breed but wanted to work on it...
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The first time when I saw Chinese Cresteds on the show they made a big impression on me as they looked like a little pony, when they are in movement. As my second passion are horses it was obvious this breed will enchant me sooner or later. It was actually love at first sight. In 2003 I got my first Chinese Crested "Grace" (Magic Carpet's Amazing Grace) like a present from my boyfriend, who is supporting and helping me also now, making so many nice results with his great job on shows with handling them. I started to work more on breed at the end of 2005 when I brought to my kennel some new dogs and had the opportunity to have on handling by us some great dogs that made impressive results on shows all over Europe...
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The idea for the name of my kennel "Stars at Sea" came out from parts of the kennel names from which my first two Beardie girls "Sally" (Alistair's) and "Nia" (Breaksea) are coming out, but I decide to use it because it fitted well to what my dogs mean to me - being mine shiny bright stars, and the place where I am/was living - on Slovenian coast, close to the sea... So they were and are my Stars at Sea!

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Enter Bearded Collies Enter Chinese Crested