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Bearded Collie (beardie)

The Bearded Collie, affectionately called the Beardie, was developed in Scotland as a herding dog. Its ancestors likely included herding dogs from the European continent, such as the Poland Lowland Sheepdog (Polski Owzcarek Nizinny) and the Komondor, blended with the sheep herding dogs of the British Isles. It was developed as an independent worker, able to make decisions concerning the welfare and safety of their charges without depending on the shepherd who might be miles away.

The Bearded Collie is a medium sized dog that looks bigger than he actually is under his long shaggy coat. It's body is longer than tall, starting with a kissy tongue and ending with a constantly wagging tail. As an adult, Beardies may be black (from black to slate), blue (from steel blue to silver), brown (from dark or milk chocolate to gingery red), or fawn (cinnamon to champagne), usually with white markings to a greater or lesser degree. A beardie is a winsome, funny, loving, sometimes silly, sometimes pouty, adorable, curious, persistent creature... and close to human.

Beardies aren't for everybody. No breed is. You have to willing to tolerate (if not enjoy) brushing long hair, wet beards in your lap, and muddy pawprints in the wrong places at the wrong time. And you HAVE to like bounce. If you don't, please continue just looking at them...