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Kennel clubs
FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale
KZS Slovenian Kennel Club
HKS Croatian Kennel club
ENCI Italian Kennel Club
OEKV Austrian Kennel Club
UKKC United Kingdom Kennel Club
AKC American Kennel Club

Bearded Collie Clubs
SKBOP Slovenian Club Of British Sheepdogs
America Bearded Collie Club of America
Belgium Bearded Collie Club of Belgium
Canada Bearded Collie Club of Canada
Czech Republic Bearded Collie Club of Czech Republic
Denmark Bearded Collie Club of Denmark
Finland Bearded Collie Club of Finland
Netherland Bearded Collie Club of Netherland
Norway Bearded Collie Club of Norway
Slovakia Bearded Collie Club of Slovakia
Sweden Bearded Collie Club of Sweden
Switzerland Bearded Collie Club of Switzerland
UK Bearded Collie Club of UK

Bearded Collie Database
BC Database Bearded Collie Database
BC Pedigree Bearded Collie Pedigree
BC Search Engine Bearded Collie Pedigree Search Engine

About Beardies
BC Health Bearded Collie Foundation For Health
Hobo Beardie Hobo
Webring Beardie Webring

Friends (Breeders) - Bearded Collie kennels
Alistair's Alistair's Bearded Collie (Sweden)
Announce Me As Announce Me As Bearded Collies (Belgium)
Balza Balza Bearded Collie (Slovakia)
Breaksea Breaksea Bearded Collies (Great Britain)
Bohemia Harmony Bohemia Harmony Bearded Collie (Czech Republic)
De Chester De Chester Bearded Collies (France)
Glen Albyn Glen Albyn Bearded Collies (Czech Republic)
Lum-Bi-Ni Lum-Bi-Ni Bearded Collie (Germany)
Memorylane Bearded Collie (Finland)
Sagena Sagena Bearded Collies (Croatia)
Taildown Taildown Bearded Collies (Norway)
Vanilka Vanilka Bearded Collies (Czech Republic)
Vatea's Vatea's Bearded Collies (Croatia)
Viola Canina Viola Canina Bearded Collie (Slovenia)
Wookiee Gang Wookiee Gang Bearded Collies (Hungary)
  Les Bearded des Alpes de Lumiere (France)

Other Breeds - kennels
Altervita Boxer (Slovenia)
Androma Rough Collies (Slovnia)
Arista's Azee Wire Fox Terier (Slovenia)
Avokaduh Chinese Crested Dog (Czech Republic)
De GabriTho Chinese Crested Dog (Austria)
Dogs of Justice Chinese Crested Dog (Switzerland)
Fantasy Island Chinese Crested Dog (Switzerland)
Hydrargium Siberian Huskies & Groenland dog (Slovenia)
Jonfi Golden Retriver & Australian Shepherd (Slovenia)
Lady ML Chinese Crested Dog (Italy)
Laureola's Bull Terrier & Chinese Crested Dog (Austria)
Lidok's Rough Collie (Slovenia)
Lum-Bi-Ni Tibetan Terrier (Germany)
McOven Border Collie (Slovenia)
None Such Pomeranian (Slovenia)
Of Beminita Chinese Crested Dog (Switzerland)
Of Surf Paradise Australian Shepherd (France)
Ovcarska Border Collie (Slovenia)
Panthera Unica Dalmatian (Slovenia)
Peabar Scottish Terrier (Slovenia)
Shero Woo Old English Sheepdog (Croatia)
Sparkling Guy's Parson Russell Terrier (Austria)
Xolo Club Chinese Crested Dog (Russia)
Zener American Cocker Spaniel (Slovenia)

Friends - Doghandlers...
Mireia Cabre Professional doghandler from Spain
Ludovic Gerona Professional doghandler from France
Gregor Nemanic Professional doghandler from Slovenia
Pia Adlesic Junior doghandler from Slovenia
Lana Premk Junior doghandler from Slovenia
Juraj Sokolic Junior doghandler from Croatia

Other Dog Friends Pages...
Bay of Gold Border Collie from Slovenia
Bina Shorthair St. Bernard Bina from Slovenia
Brus & Irbis Deutsch Kurzhaar from Romania
Buffy Border Collie Buffy from Slovenia
Drim Border Collie Drim from Slovenia
Joni Papillon Joni from Slovenia
Kevin Whippet Kevin from Slovenia
Najib Saluki Najib from Slovenia
Snoopy Bearded Collie from Slovakia
Vegas Bearded Collie from France

Other dog stuff
EU Breeders & Kennels Dog breeders & Kennels in Europe
123dog Cool site for dog show fans and breeders, lot of pictures
Aniwa Nice page about dogs & cats
Amicissimi Italian page for dog friends and breeders
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